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It's the getting there that counts!

Ben Andrews &  Hugo Pedder

MSc student, Department of Geography, King's College London and external.


Ben and Hugo met on a three-month expedition in Svalbard in 2008. Since then they have teamed up on several adventures and are currently embarking on an expedition series called To The Sea.

Talk summary:

In 2013 we built a raft out of salvaged materials in a north Swedish hamlet called Sorsele, costing just £10. We had little expectation of it lasting longer than a day or so, we took it out for a spin, it survived its first test, so we set off down the Vindel River and just kept going, to the sea we went. It's a small raft made of pallets and containers, however, it has overcome treacherous rapids and a waterfall or two. After 10 days surviving on the river the trip was over, we dragged it from the water and left. With warm memories of the rich and wonderful history of the river and its distinct communities,we set about planning our return trip. We have been back each year since to continue the journey, and with over 150 km to go to the sea, we will be back this year. In this talk we will use films, pictures and our memories to discuss the history of the river and our passion for do-it-yourself expeditions. We ultimately want to inspire people to develop and create their own trips and microadventures, even on a shoe-string budget.

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