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It's the getting there that counts!

Nando Lewis

PhD student, Departments of Geography and Political Economy, King's College London.


Nando regards locally prepared food as one of the greatest attractions a country has to offer, and loves trying the foods that the people (and sometimes animals) are crazy about. His PhD research uses remote sensing and statistics to understand and forecast the impact that food security, water security and forced migration could have on a civil conflict in marginal environments within the African continent.

Talk summary:

Nando will draw on his experiences researching and travelling as a family member, without his partner and with his partner, to give his thoughts on fieldwork, families and relationships. He spent three years with the Mbendiele hunter-gatherers in Congo-Brazzaville whilst his father completed his PhD fieldwork from 1994-97. Nando will focus on the good - e.g. bonding with an orphaned gorilla; the bad - e.g. entering UK schooling as an illiterate seven-year old; and the essential - e,g, the radio that told them the country had descended into civil war. He will also include experiences from other trips such as his own research on chimpazee tool use in Nigeria and cycling from Lima to Buenos Aires.

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