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It's what you learn that counts!

eXXpedition Atlantic 2014 Crew

Female change makers


The eXXpedition crew is made up of 14 female change makers – from scientists to artists, activists to sailors, but most importantly – mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. We sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to ask questions about the relationship between humans and the environment – specifically

looking at plastics, toxics and cancer.  


Talk & documentary summary:

eXXpedition is a crew of 14 women who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to explore the relationship between the health of the environment and that of our own bodies. Looking specifically at plastics, toxics and human connection with the sea, this crew are on a mission to make the unseen seen. From unseen pollution to unseen women – join us for the premiere of our documentary and learn more about our project and how we are working to raise awareness and create hope for a healthier future.

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Team profiles

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anne baker constanca bolchior laura coleman caterina falleni lucy gilliam malin jacob jenna jambeck shanley mcentee elaine mckinnon sue weaver diana papoulias emil penn jennifer pate maria jose arceo