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It's the getting there that counts!

Levison Wood

Professional Explorer (!!!)


Lev is a full time explorer, writer, photo-journalist and a (well we think)  Geographer at heart.   Lev has travelled in over 80 countries and led numerous expeditions. He’s a former Captain in the British Parachute Regiment where he served in Afghanistan in 2008.  He’s currently leading a solo expedition, walking the length of the Nile which will take a year -7 countries, 4250 miles!! His aim is very similar to ours; to inspire more people to set off on their own adventure, continue global exploration and push human boundaries.

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Survival Documentary (Lev appears 3mins in and advises on survival techniques, the rest of the documentary is fascinating, about past Victorian explorers and geographical mysteries)

Walking the Nile Expedition Summary:

Lev was inspired to walk the length of the Nile by the Great British explorers of the nineteenth century who travelled in the interior of Africa as well as more recent heroes of exploration such as Ed Stafford (who walked the length of the Amazon river).


Lev will start at the source of the River Nile (a contentious issue brought to light recently by Top Gear) in the highlands of Rwanda the expedition follows its course through the jungles of Tanzania and Uganda, skirting Lake Victoria before entering the wilds of South Sudan. After navigating the immense wetlands of the Sudd swamp- the biggest in the world he will cross into North Sudan and into the realm of Islam. North of Khartoum lies the mysterious Pyramids at Meroe and the start of  an epic march across the Sahara desert (check out Prof Drake’s research), around Lake Nasser and into Egypt. The Nile valley will herald a final 1000 mile walk to the delta, Alexandria and glory.


This expedition will not only be a feat of endurance for Lev but also a means to raise awareness about some of the contemporary issues that face Africa in the twenty first century and encourage dialogue between nations.


More about the speaker:

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